Boomer 25-50

One tractor series. Multiple applications

New Holland are tractor specialists, with models developed for agriculture and municipal use and everything in between. From the golf courses and parks through to vineyards and orchards, New Holland has a tractor to meet the most demanding of end user needs.

Choose your power. Choose your transmission

New Holland Boomer tractors are compact, manoeuvrable and versatile tractors that are divided into three classes. Only New Holland can offer you so much compact tractor choice.

Class 1. Boomer 25

Three-cylinder 23hp and 27hp engines, dual-range hydrostatic transmission.

Class 2. Boomer 30 and Boomer 35

Four-cylinder 28hp and 38hp engines, threerange hydrostatic or 12×12 synchromesh transmission.

Class 3. Boomer 40 and Boomer 50

Four-cylinder 41hp and 47hp engines, threerange hydrostatic or 16×16 synchromesh transmission with creeper option.

Operating ease

The word “easy” defines Boomer tractors. Controls come easily to hand, the seat and steering wheel adjust to match every operator, and the large, uncluttered operating platform gives you plenty of legroom to stretch out. Controls are color-coded and clearly marked so you are confident of your every move.

Synchronized comfort & hydrostatic convenience

The Boomer 30 and 35 models feature a 12×12 synchronized shuttle shift (SSS) transmission as standard, while the Boomer 40 and 50 models are standard specified with a 16×16 SSS transmission, with creeper option. There’s no need to come to a complete stop before shuttling from forward to reverse, and the convenient shuttle lever located to the left of the steering wheel makes it smooth and easy. The Boomer 25 model is equipped with a 2-range hydrostatic transmission, while a 3-range hydrostatic transmission is available on the Boomer 30 to Boomer 50 models. All of the hydrostatic models have 2 pedals, for forward and reverse travel and make shuttling and choosing the right speed very easy.

Mid-mount hydraulics

Get the most out of your Boomer by ordering the deluxe hydraulic pack, available on Boomer 30 – 50 models. This includes factory fitted mid-mount hydraulics with joystick control, and a mid-mounted PTO.

Ready for any job

Whether you need to mow the lawn, top a paddock, dig a drain, cultivate the garden, clear snow, clean a stable yard or install a fence, Boomer tractors are for you. These tractors make it easy to change implements so you can move quickly from job to job.

  • Category I three-point hitch
  • One rear hydraulic remote as standard on the 25 model
  • Two rear hydraulic remotes as standard on the 30, 35, 40 and 50 models
  • Independent, electro-hydraulic 540-rpm rear PTO on the 25, 30 and 35 models
  • Independent, electro-hydraulic three-speed (540 / 750 / 1000rpm) rear PTO on the 40 and 50 models
  • Electro-hydraulic independent mid-PTO to power mid and front-mount implements is standard on all hydrostatic versions
  • Ground drive PTO option available on Boomer 40 and 50 models with 16×16 tranmission
Boomer 25-50
Boomer 25-50
Boomer 25-50
Boomer 25-50
Boomer 25-50
Boomer 25-50
Boomer 25-50